Why do Poltava brides try to avoid the marriage with men from abroad?

To get married with a foreigner is one of the best perspectives for women in Poltava. So why are there not a lot of girls which have intention to register at Poltava marriage agency, so that they should try their fate and become wives of foreign lads?

  • The main aim of Poltava dating agency is earning of money, not facilitating the marriage. Of course, none can say that aforementioned online organizations do not exist, but percentage of such establishments at the general scene is not large. As such, dating agencies are not long-lasting. In course of time customer having understood that workers of marriage agencies in Poltava batten of their clients instead of trying to facilitate them to find wife, abandon dating agency and register at more serious and secure marriage services. The skeptics claim that all marriage services take up the above mentioned affairs. In order to speak truth of such statements, skeptics indicate that it is not profitable for agency to find a bride for a foreigner, as in this case where the company loses his client as well as the money, which it could earn. But the important thing for Poltava dating services besides money is reputation as quantity of clients depends on above said point, and that is main thing attracting man to register and start search for single Ukrainian lady. Meeting woman  for foreigner would bring a nice reputation for the establishment. And if everyday users of marriage agencies get to find that out, this will bring a bigger income than one customer could ever provide. That is why Poltava dating agencies try their best so that every new acquaintance is finalized with marriage. Cooperation is mutually-advantageous.
  • The stereotype that women of Poltava dating service have no rights abroad. Such myth has been created by mass media, which often depict the scenes when Ukrainian ladies having gone abroad fall victims to violence. Of course, such events take place, but that is a really rare occurrence. The point is that mass media love to publicize such business. Chances to suffer the violence in native city or abroad are almost equal, so this does not have to be an obstacle to get married with a foreigner and live a happy life with him.

All of aforementioned points must not make the bride lose concentration and the girl should weigh all pros and contras before going abroad. The point is that in any country of the world one can find both really nice and really bad people.